State Youth Council

The State Youth Council is an expert body on youth work and youth policy appointed by the Government, with invited members representing broad experience in the living conditions of young people.

Composition 2019-2023

  • Chair: Elisa Gebhard, Social Democratic Party of Finland
  • Vice chair: Suvi Mäkeläinen, Centre Party
  • Vice chair: Amanda Pasanen, Green League


  • Mari Ahonen-Walker, Association of Finnish Municipalities
  • Viljami Haavisto, Christian Democrats
  • Jenni Helenius, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
  • Miihkali Härkönen, Finnish Nature League
  • Liina Isto, Finns Party
  • Juho Malinen, OSKU – Finnish National Union for Students
  • Santeri Lohi, National Coalition Party
  • Heikki Luoto, The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland
  • Mirva Matikka, Scouts and Guides of Finland
  • Reetta Pietikäinen, National Workshop Association (NWA)
  • Teemu Ruohonen, Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red (FFVI)
  • Frida Sigfrids, Swedish People’s Party of Finland
  • Tuomas Suihkonen, The Left Youth of Finland/The Left Alliance
  • Eemeli Valli, Natio­nal Union of Voca­tio­nal Students in Finland
  • Virva Viljanen, The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi