State Youth Council

Composition 2015-2019
Composition 2015-2019

The State Youth Council is an expert body on youth work and youth policy appointed by the Government, with invited members representing broad experience in the living conditions of young people.

Composition 2015-2019

  • Chair: Hilkka Kemppi, Finnish Centre Youth
  • Vice chair: Emma-Stina Vehmanen, Youth League of the National Coalition Party
  • Vice chair: Samuli Voutila, Finns Party Youth


  • Jari Järvenpää, vice chair, Finnish Youth Cooperation Allianssi
  • Tarja Liljendahl, Nuori kirkko ry
  • Juuso Luomala, Secretary General, Finnish Student Allliance OSKU
  • Sameli Sivonen, Federation of Green Youth and Students ViNO
  • Santeri Lohi, Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland Nuva
  • Miikka Lönnqvist, Secretary General, Social Democratic Youth
  • Ilmi Salminen, Guides and Scouts of Finland
  • Panu Mäenpää, Chair of the Board, LGBTI Rights in Finland Seta
  • Jenni Helenius, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
  • Marita Salo, Director, Finnish Red Cross
  • Ida Schauman, Swedish Youth of Finland
  • Anna Mäkipää, Secretary General, National Union of Vocational Students in Finland
  • Helena Torboli, Manager of Welfare and Culture Unit, Finnish Association of the Deaf
  • Aleksi Sarasmaa, Christian Democratic Youth of Finland